Welcome to PrintSolid

PrintSolid design and manufacture bespoke parts predominantly for classic car restorers and clubs, bringing no longer available parts back to the market. We design new and updated products to retrofit to older vehicles in response to demand from clubs and classic car associations and individual car owners.

But it's not just automotive applications as you'll see from some of our examples below at PrintSolid we take on pretty much anything!

Our printers run 24-hours a day 7 days a week enabling us to turn around orders in a relatively short time frame, but it's not all about the big stuff, many of our commissions are small one off brackets and clips.

From that elusive trim clip for a Datsun 240z or bespoke induction scoops for a DeLorean Motor Car,  to a potter's stamp or a roof vent for a house, PrintSolid can design a solution and manufacture in low-medium volume, extremely cost effectively.

We are located in Colchester, Essex, UK and ship domestically and internationally.

Below you will find a small example of the projects we undertake, as you can see it's quite diverse!

What can we help you with?

Simply give us a call on the number below or email james@printsolid.co.uk with an outline of your requirements.

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Pannier Bike Brackets

Bike Pannier Holders

Using a combination of 3D printing for the flexible blue clips, and laser cutting for the orange acrylic cross brace, we were able to design and manufacture these nautical themed pannier bag tops. A great example where our ability to utilise both 3D printing and laser cutting in-house works so well.

Classic Racing Car Sump Sandwich Plate

Full Size Engine Component

We printed this full size replica sump sandwich plate for a classic race car. This allowed the restorer to test fit it to the engine prior to having the final version milled from aluminium (very expensive if the design is incorrect).  At over 80cm long it was large, multi-piece print, but upon fitting it immediately enabled the restorer to identify numerous changes which were required prior to milling.

BMW E31 Speaker Adaptors

BMW E31 Speaker Adaptors

Laser cut from 6mm thick acrylic with hot seated threaded inserts, these adaptor plates enable the customer to upgrade the speakers in his classic BMW E31 to Audison units. 

We created 4 different versions allowing new speakers to be fitted throughout the vehicle.

180 x Display Brackets

180 x Display Screen Brackets

When an issue with a client's injection moulding die was going to result in a multi-week delay, PrintSolid was tasked with quickly filling the gap.  We had to produce 180 brackets for a special dash-mounted display unit in a very short time frame.  With multiple machines running 24-hours a day, we were able to deliver the units ahead of schedule keeping the installation programme on target.

BMW Parcel Shelf Pegs

Full Size Air Filtration Display Unit

Due to a production problem this company was unable to ship their new air filtration unit from their factory in the USA to the UK in time for an exhibition.  PrintSolid were approached to quickly design and produce a full-size replica. Using a multi-part print, laser cutting and special textured paints, the finished item was indistinguishable from the real product and took centre stage at the exhibition.

Pool Cover Bracket

Pool Cover Saved!

With no replacement part available from the manufacturer, this entire pool cover roller was destined for the skip! Fortunately the owner had been referred to PrintSolid by a friend and asked if we could design and produce a replacement part. We duly did and the whole unit was salvaged. The customer saved a significant amount of money by not having to buy a whole new roller (they aren't cheap!) 

DeLorean Centre Console Drink Holder

Can, Phone & Wallet Caddy

We designed a new unit which replaces the ash tray in the centre console of a DeLorean. This tray clamps in place and can take a drinks can and wallet or smartphone. Flocked interior with a smoked acrylic top and embedded threaded inserts in the base. 

BMW Parcel Shelf Pegs

BMW Parcel Shelf Pegs

We were contacted by the owner of a BMW who couldn't source any replacement parcel shelf pegs after his had been damaged.  Using a broken original as a reference, we were able to reproduce them perfectly.

Ghostbuster Proton Pack

Ghostbuster Proton Pack

Laser cutting and 3D printing were used to create this replica (not screen accurate) Ghostbuster Proton Pack.  Complete with lights sound and effects, this was certainly one of our more unusual projects!

DeLorean Flocked Coin Tray

DeLorean Flocked Coin Tray

Often the original coin tray in the DeLorean has warped, become brittle or the flock has simply worn away.  We redesigned them to be more robust with higher sides which making them more useable and had them flocked in grey and black finish.

EV Conversion Coupler Prototype

EV Conversion Coupler

A customer in the process of converting a classic MG to an Electric Vehicle needed some prototypes of a coupler he was designing before spending out to have them machined from metal. 3D printing was a perfect solution

Scrunchie Holder

Gymnast Scrunchie Holder

A budding gymnast needs a lot of scrunchies apparently, so we designed this 50 scrunchie capacity holder complete with colour changing illuminated base and the name of the gymnast etched into it.

Tail Light Housing

Car Tail Light Housings

Printed from a customer supplied design, these tail light holders were produced for a bespoke race car.  As well as finishing the prints with multiple coats of a special hard wearing, textured black paint we installed brass hot-seated threads so that the lenses could be installed and removed as required. 

Mercedes Trim Clips

Classic Mercedes Benz Sun Visor Trim

A classic Mercedes owner was tearing his hair out as his car was 99.9% perfect apart from two missing trim clips from the sun visors. No longer manufactured, the customer lent us an original (top left in the photo) and we were able to reproduced them, we even colour matched the finish.

Shower Hinge Peg

More Shower Parts...

It seems there is a real need for replacement shower parts as just after you have a lovely shower installed a hinge breaks and surprise, surprise that part is no longer manufactured! Could you imagine changing a whole shower enclosure for something so trivial.  This customer was about to do just that, thankfully we were able to replicate the part using a customer's broken original as a guide.

DeLorean Phone Holder

DeLorean Phone Holder

Designed specifically for the DeLorean Motor Car, this stand has 3 powerful neodymium magnets printed into the base to hold it in place in the vehicle. The top universal clamp is attached to the base via a threaded M5 insert. which has been hot seated into the printed arm.  This is then finished with multiple coats of a special hard-wearing, textured black paint.

Bespoke Shed Sign

Laser Engraved Shed Sign

This tongue-in-cheek sign was requested by a local client's wife for he husband who had recently enlisted some friends to help build a shed.  Measuring 35cm across, this was laser cut from the base of a wooden claret box. It was then buffed with furniture oil to enhance the engraving and protect it from the elements. 

Laser Engrave Lady May Glenelly Wine Box Lid

Laser Engraved Wine Box

A bespoke wine box for our friend's at Mr.Wheeler, a Colchester based wine merchant. 

This design was for a mixed case of fine red wines known as 'Lady May' from the Glenelly Estate in South Africa. 

Each box was individually numbered 1-30 for this exclusive promotion. We understand that these cases sold out in next to no time, so we hope some of that was down to the boxes!

Replacement Gas Cooker Hob Knobs

Replacement Gas Cooker Knobs

Moving into a new home to find the previous owner has only left you one knob for your 4-hob gas cooker is a bit frustrating. 

We were able to quickly replicate the knobs and create 4 replacements, each finished in semi-flat black, the look indistinguishable from the originals and function flawlessly.

Electric Wheelchair Wheel Cover Arch

Wheelchair Wheel Covers

We were approached by a wheelchair user who was unable to source a replacement wheel guard for her specialist chair.  Using a damaged original we were able to create both left and right versions. These fitted as per the originals and were finished in textured black paint.

One of out most rewarding projects and the customer was blown away by the end product.

Speed Boat Drain Cover

Speedboat Drain Cover

A boat owner supplied a design file for a grill/cover for the floor of his speedboat.

Upon inspection we realised that is was going to be best to quickly re-CAD the item and make a few minor changes to better suit 3D printing.

The resulting product was a perfect fit, another happy customer.

Ceiling Light Mount Covers

Mounting Bracket Covers 

A customer approached us about producing some white plastic covers to hide the brackets of a new lighting system they had recently installed at home.

From the provided dimensions we were able to quickly design and manufacture the 4 required covers.

Hot Tub Clover Clips

Hot Tub Cover Brackets

Unable to find a replacement from the original supplier a hot tub owner contacted PrintSolid about producing a replacement. 

Working from a damaged original supplied by the customer we were able to produce an identical replacement for this no longer available part which fitted perfectly.

Laser Engraved Wine Boxes

Laser Engraved Wine Boxes

Working with local wine merchant Mr.Wheeler and prestigious wine producer Domaine de Mourchon, we were commissioned to design and produce a limited edition wooden wine box for their finest 'Family Reserve' wines.

Everyone was very pleased with the result and using in-house laser engraving enabled us to individually number each box to make them extra special.

Smoke Machine Splitter Adaptor

Smoke Machine Splitter

We designed a special splitter to enable a single smoke machine to divert the fog to two outlet hoses. 

A multi-piece print was designed that took advantage of existing bolt holes on the smoke machine. 

It worked perfectly diverting the same volume of smoke along each pipe.

Push Chair Stroller release buttons

Pushchair Release Button

Isn't it ridiculous when a small component as simple as a plastic button can render a whole pushchair out of action. 

The customer supplied a design file and asked if we could print a replacement.  We printed a few spares too in white PETG at the customer's request. The button fitted 1st time, functioned perfectly and the customer was delighted.

DeLorean Cast Photo Frame

Cast Photo Frame 3D Printed Pattern

This photo frame was inspired by the rear number plate surround from a DeLorean car. 

We designed a 3D printed pattern specifically for casting in aluminium.  This was then cast at a local foundry and polished to a mirror like finish. Then retaining studs were fitted along with laser cut, clear acrylic to act as the photo holder.  We also produced a bespoke acrylic stand with details of the customer's vehicle.

Jukebox Fascia

Jukebox Front Panel

A Jukebox restorer needed help replacing a front panel for a classic jukebox which was no longer available.

Using an original damaged one as a guide we were able to reproduce the part which we painted in textured black paint to complete the look.

DeLorean Vanity Mirror

DeLorean Vanity Mirror

A sun visor vanity mirror designed specifically for the DeLorean car which took inspiration from the vehicles rear number plate surround.

Laser cut from 3mm mirrored acrylic using our in-house laser cutting facilities.

DeLorean Seat Tilt Bezel

Seat Tilt Bezel

Laser etched and cut from 8mm thick mirrored acrylic, this part replaced the seat tilt surround, on a classic motor car as the originals are often broken or missing.

We produced a version in matt black finish and this bespoke mirrored version.

AC Vent

Knee Bolster Vent

We deigned and produced a clip on vent for a classic car to get much better airflow from the restrictive original A/C system.

Complete with direction air vanes.

Screen Holder

LCD Screen Holder

A company approached us about producing a holder for a small screen which had to affix to a large piece of industrial equipment.

This was from a customer supplied STL with a few minor modifications made by PrintSolid to make it more printer friendly.

Battery Holder

3 Cell Battery Holder

We were approached by a company who required a holder for 3 x 18/650 cells for a motor sport project. We created an inner wrap for the cells which were potted with silicone and then an outer holder (pictured) with screw-down lid to be mounted to the vehicle.

Showstopper clip system

'ShowStoppers' For Classic Car Shows

A really simple concept which allows you to clip the seatbelt across the opening of a car door when on display at a classic car show to prevent people from entering the vehicle.

Sensor holder for tubular chassis

Sensor Mount

A company which fits data logging equipment to race cars for professional drivers approached us to produce a range of bespoke sensor holders which would affix to the tubular chassis of a go-kart

Dummy switch blanks for Renault5 GT Turbo

Renault 5 Blank Switches

These blanking switches had long been out of production and we were approached to remanufacture them. The use of special textured paint makes them almost indistinguishable from the original injection moulded version. 
Could you tell these were 3D printed?

DeLorean replacement Glovebox

Replacement Glovebox Insert

We designed a new, improved glovebox insert for a classic car which was printed and the flock finished. We also added a 30mm hole so that a twin USB charging port could be installed and included a push in blanking cover. It was a large print but the result was fantastic

Battery Cell Holder

Battery Pack Holders with Lids

A company which fits data logging equipment to race cars for professional drivers approached us to produce a range of bespoke battery packs. They had to be as compact and lightweight as possible. We subsequently designed and manufactured several version for use across a number of vehicles. 

Replacement coin tray for DeLorean

Flocked Coin Tray

We designed this flocked coin tray with smart phone holder slot for a classic vehicle. Finished in a soft, black flock, it clips in place of the original ashtray and make much better use of the available space. Completely reversible so owners can easily return their vehicle to original specification should they wish.

House Roof Vent

Replacement Roof Vent Cover

We were contacted by a home owner who's roof vent cover had been damaged and was leaking water. This model was no longer available but from the damaged original we were able to re-design and print a replacement within 48-hours.

Coffee Sign

Bespoke Coffee Sign

We were asked to design and print a sign as a gift for a father who was a very keen coffee aficionado. We designed the sign, printed it and coated it with textured coffee brown coating. At 12" diameter it is a good sized print and we received excellent feedback from the client. 

Stanchion Bases for boat

Stanchion Bases For Sailing Boat

A yachtsman contacted us about printing some new bases for the stanchions on his boat. He had already created the design. These were printed solid for extra strength and fittingly we used red and green filaments for the Port & Starboard sides of his vessel.

HVAC Switches for Maserati

Maserati Heater Knobs

We were contacted by the owner of a classic Maserati who's heater control knobs had become brittle and failed. Using his original as a reference we re-created the knobs with clips on the rear for an exact push in replacement.

Honeycomb Soap Mould

Honeycomb Mould

A producer or artisan soaps approached us to produce a series of moulds for her soaps, this one was to look like honeycomb and we incorporated draft angles on all faces to aid the release of the soap from the mould.

Potters Stamp

A Potter's Stamp

A local potter who specialises in producing clay pots for bonsai trees asked us to produce a stamp so that he could emboss his work with his logo. As with other stamps we have designed we included draft angles on all faces to aid release from the clay.

Chain Guard

Motor Bike Chain Guard

We were contacted by a classic bike restorer who had a broken chain guard which was no longer available. We were able to use the broken one as a pattern and within 24hours a replacement was produced, ready for painting.

DeLorean Switch Alignment Frame

Switch Alignment Frame

The centre console switches in this classic car were often wonky and could easily be knocked and activated. Print Solid designed a frame which aligned the switches perfectly and added extra protection from accidental activation.

Seat Tilt Bezel Cast

Cast Aluminium Bezel

These original plastic bezels for this seat tilt mechanism in a classic car were hard to find and often brittle. We reproduced them in plastic, then redesigned the print so it could be cast in aluminium. These were then polished, which gave a very high quality finish.

Rally Car Roof Vents

Rally Car Roof Vents

We were approached to assist with the reproduction of a roof vent for a group of classic rally cars. We adjusted the design for 3D printing and gave the client the option of an integrated grill to trap larger debris. It was a big print, but the initial low volume (25 units) perfectly suited to 3D printing.

Charity Pumpkins

Halloween Special Pumpkins

Children in the local area sent in their pumpkin face sketches via email which Print Solid then re-drew in CAD to produce pumpkins. Two example shown above, a fun project for the local community.

Salon Award

Award Pattern for Casting

We were asked to design a simple pattern as an award for a national competition.  This may ultimately be used as a pattern to cast in Aluminium which will them be polished.

DeLorean Front Grill

DeLorean Full Size Front Grill

We reproduced a full sized front grill for a DeLorean owner, we also designed and printed a bespoke version with 'Knight-Rider' style strobe light embedded behind the grill.

DeLorean Caps

DeLorean Rear Strut Cover

Working with another designer we were tasked with printing and finishing some small covers for the rear strut mount on a DeLorean.

Sewing Machine Button

Singer Sowing Machine Cap

We were approached by a keen seamstress who's singer sewing machine has a broken plastic button. We re-design and printed a functional replacement within 2-hours!

Datsun Trim Clips

Datsun 240z Trim Clips

A local car trimming company approached us to assist with a Datsun 240z which they were re-trimming. These clips lock with a 1/4 turn and when painted look as the original.

DeLorean Cup Holder

DeLorean Cup & Smartphone Holder

Print Solid designed and manufactured a cup and smartphone holder for the DeLorean motor car. Completely reversible and extremely popular.

DeLorean Induction Scoops

DeLorean Side Induction Scoops

Print Solid designed and manufactured a new induction scoop system for the DeLorean Motor Car to increase the air flow to the engine intake.

Camaro Trim Clips

Camaro Z/28 Trim Clips

A contact at a local car club was short of 3 clips for his spare wheel cover in his 2002 Chevrolet Camaro. His only option was buying tatty looking used ones at great expense but Print Solid were happy to reproduce them.

HVAC Link Clip

HVAC Link Arm

A small link arm in the air conditioning system of a 1980's classic car had become brittle and failed, we improved on the design to make it stronger and printed them for the client.

Numberplate Clips

Number Plate Clips

Out of production for many years, these simple little clips were re-drawn in CAD and printed in PETG and are used to secure the rear license plate on the rear of a classic car.

Solar Panel Mounts for house boat

House Boat Solar Panel Brackets

Owner of a houseboat required brackets to mount solar panels to the curved roof of his boat. Using a rough, wooden prototype supplied by the customer we reproduced left and right hand versions.

Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Guides

A keen local fishing enthusiast asked if we could redesign the back plate for his line sensors as his rod kept falling out of the original. It's not quite classic car, but we were pleased to help.

PPE Face Masks

PPE Face Shields

Print Solid joined forces with thousands of UK printers to manufacture face shields during the start of the COVID19 Pandemic.  These were donated free of charge to front line health workers, care homes and schools. Over 2000 units were dispatched from our Colchester hub.